Friday, April 01, 2011


I was just going to post my French Fridays link to the fabulous garlicky broccoli with breadcrumbs and found that I'm on the wrong week!

Will I ever be able to trust my memory? I guess not ( -:  It was supposed to be quinoa, fruit & nut salad. I just went to the market tonight without knowing this but it sounds like I'll be ok, other than the herbs. Like many of Dorie's recipes, this allows for a lot of flexibility.

I think I'll use the Trader Joe's grain blend I have, since it has Israeli couscous, along with red and green orzo, split dried garbanzo beans, and red quinoa. For the fruit, I think a good combo will be raisins, dried mango (if my daughter will part with it), and dried cherries. Wow, can you believe I actually have those on hand. What a coincidence! And for the nuts, I did happen to buy another bag of pistachios because Alan loved the leftovers from the beggar's pasta so much he requested I get more. I also have almonds. Maybe so this doesn't taste just like the pasta, I'll leave out the raisins and replace with prunes. Yes, that's what I'll do. I think I'd like to put some orange juice in the dressing and cut down on the oil a bit. Since I don't have mint, I'll use cilantro, as others have done. Since I don't have any plain yogurt, I may just steal the top off a fruited one. That sounds good to me!
grain blend + dried mango, dried cherries, prunes + pistachios & almonds + orange juice, walnut oil, fresh ginger, cilantro
Really, how bad could it be? I'll let you all know tomorrow...

So I have something new to add, here's the buttercream I made today. Real Italian Buttercream, made with a sugar syrup that I let caramelize, which was great because it cut down the butter by a whole stick. I also flavored this with dried ginger, cinnamon & salt.
Tomorrow I'll be roasting the apples to go into the cupcakes. I'm working on perfecting a recipe to bring to the cupcake camp in Boston - 5 spice apple cupcakes w/ spiced caramel buttercream.
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