Friday, May 20, 2011

bacon, egg & asparagus salad - French Fridays w/ Dorie

I love eggs, and bacon, and salads that taste better when you get little bites of everything together! My quest for local asparagus has yet to be fulfilled, but I got some really nice, big fresh stalks at the local market. Nicer than I've seen all season, and just in time for this weeks assignment. I asked my husband to look up what the dish was for this week and he kept saying, "bacon, egg & steak salad" wishful thinking, but he liked it, though he could, "do without the asparagus". I even peeled them and didn't over-cook them. I actually liked it much better room temperature than warm. Lately I've also been loving the taste of runny egg yolks and lettuce - last year I started making over easy egg sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, bacon & mayonnaise on homemade toast. So good! This was a hint of that, but a salad makes a nice light dinner. I think Dorie's suggestion of saying the little prayer of, "please don't let my eggs break" as they're going into the water is a good one, but with my sister's wonderful chicken eggs, I didn't need any extra help! If I only had her bacon, it would have been perfect, but without, it was still a nice meal. My daughter had a deconstructed version, tried and hated the asparagus, loved the bacon, had a little of the lettuce, and ate two eggs.
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