Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First CSA pickup

We got our first CSA pickup today from Langwater Farms ( For the time of year and the weather, it was a pretty good assortment. I was worried about the amount of arugula we were scheduled to get, but it was fine.

This was our first weeks selection:
Arugula, 2 bags - not bitter at all.
Mesclun, 1 bag - what an amazing variety and everything was so fresh and yummy.
Lettuce, took a head of the red leaf, which will become part of tomorrows lunch.
Radishes, 1 bunch and they are so mild and crunchy. From not liking radishes at all to looking forward to having them again
Herbs, took 2 seedlings, thyme and sage. Hopefully I won't kill them.
I also couldn't resist some carrots and a humongous beet!

So I made salad for dinner, which was very much like the last salad I made for FFWD. I even had some of the very same bacon left. I took some leftover hollandaise, warmed it a bit, added more lemon to thin, and tossed the arugula, mesclun, radishes, and leaf lettuce.
Shara had an egg sandwich with pie filling. No, not fruit from langwater, but strawberry and rhubarb from the farmers outlet.

No, we didn't eat it all, but I'm certainly not overwhelmed with the amount. If it starts getting to be too much with the greens, just have to saute them and they'll shrink down.
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