Friday, June 10, 2011

cola and jam spareribs - French Fridays w/ Dorie

Wow, the whole family loved these. I happened to have all the spices on hand and got some lovely ribs from the market. Though they weren't baby back, they were very meaty. The only thing I'd do differently is roast them in a smaller pan. The one I used had too much surface area and the glaze evaporated too quickly. This produced some very toasty ribs. The other flavors came through, but to me, the "burnt" taste overshadowed the more subtle citrus flavors.

Other than that, awesome. Husband was also able to take the rest of the soda to work, because we never have that in the house. Got the 2 liter because it was just as cheap as getting a small bottle! Didn't Michael Pollan have a chapter about that in The Omnivore's Dilemma?

The ribs lasted for a few meals, which is a great thing for a hot week. Was smart this time and made these way before the looming Friday deadline!
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