Friday, June 24, 2011

mozzarella, tomato and strawberry salad - french fridays w/dorie

When my daughter was three we thought it disgusting when she dipped her strawberries in ketchup. Then my husband tried it and thought she was a genius. I guess this salad wasn't too far away from that concept! I did some modifications, even though we had beautiful, sweet, tart, local strawberries. I loved the idea of using a balsamic glaze and, can you believe, I didn't have any fresh basil? I had to use frozen, but it was still good. I turned mine into an antipasto, to make a full meal our of it. I really didn't experience any wow factor with this one, but it was tasty and a nice alternative way to eat the strawberries that I can't help buying each week. I also think that the weather didn't cooperate - as we were eating it, we mentioned it would probably be much more enjoyable if it wasn't raining and chilly. On a hot summer day I'll certainly try it again!
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