Saturday, June 18, 2011

Roasted rhubarb - french fridays w/dorie

I'll post the photos later, but the best part about this one was the taste. I did make a special trip to a place that has local rhubarb because the last time I made it, I got it from the market and it was awful. It could have been the way I fixed it, but I don't think so.

Anyway, tonight's made up for it, but I really used the review as a cooking guide. I didn't want go too sweet and 1/2 cup sugar was more than I needed. I was going to make Dorie's seafood pot au feu, and that called for grated ginger. The honey with rhubarb sounded very good so I mixed some of the ginger with a couple tablespoons of a wonderful grapefruit honey I got in CA in March. I didn't add anything else, but followed the baking instructions.

It was really good and I liked this way of preparing the vegetable? We had it with vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake. My daughter's birthday party is tomorrow (today now), and there were scraps of cake that required eating. The sour, sweet, chocolate (bitter, maybe), and spicy, all tasted wonderful together. It was fun how the flavors would pop out at different times.

Here are the pictures:
You can see how much honey I used - not that much!

Didn't brown like I hoped it would, but the roasting made a very nice syrup.
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