Thursday, June 02, 2011

warm weather vegetable pot au feu - French Fridays w/ Dorie

As I was prepping the vegetables for this, I thought, "I'm getting pretty tired of asparagus", "these potatoes are far from round and full of pesticides", "Shara's going to hate all these vegetables", "this arugula is going to make this bitter", and on and on. I guess I was a little nervous making this since I couldn't get the season's best and most tender vegetables and with the vegetables being the star of the dish, though it was going to bomb. Then when the eggs and my finger hit the boiling water at close to my daughter's bedtime, and daughter refused to put out the vitamins (her job) and then decided that she wasn't going to eat dinner at all, I thought, "%$&@ this, let me get a couple of pictures and if anyone wants to eat, they can eat, I don't care."

Husband then talks down daughter and he puts out vitamins while she comes to the table to eat, I realize the eggs aren't hard-boiled and the bowl looks and smells wonderful. Then we start eating and we're all really impressed. Daughter tries everything, including the shiitaki (hates them), leeks, and spinach (really likes). I thought it was great the way the egg yolk made the broth into a rich sauce. I topped it with an arugula/basil mix and grated parmigiana. It was so good, and really looking forward to the leftovers, even though Dorie says it doesn't keep. I think it will be fine, but really needs the egg.

I wonder if anyone poached the eggs in the broth? I thought of trying that - always looking to cut down on the number of pots I use, but didn't want to chance it the first time making this. I'll be posting pictures tomorrow.
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