Friday, July 08, 2011

Salmon and Tomatoes En Papillote - French Fridays w/ Dorie

We had fun making these tonight. I got all the ingredients prepped and then Shara came over and we put on the toppings together. I stuck to the recipe exactly because it sounded so good without modifying. I like the idea of making this with a Greek twist, as jemangepdx's did. I have always enjoyed the swordfish, kalamata olives, oranges, and tomato combo, and until reading her post, hadn't considered cooking it en papillote, but how easy would that be? I loved baking the fish and love even better serving this for a dinner party, since it can be prepped far in advanced.

I used wild, Alaskan salmon, grape tomatoes and one special Sun Gold from the garden. The herbs were grown at home too, the spring onions came from the CSA, but alas, the lemon was from the market. We voted and kept the fish in the foil, but I'd certainly use parchment if I was making this for company. On the side we had a mix of snap peas, snow peas and green beans, with bok choy, turnip, ginger and garlic, also roasted in the oven, and a nice grainy ciabatta.
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