Friday, August 05, 2011

Bread and Butter Pickles

These were so easy to make and taste great! I found the recipe on, but also discovered almost the same one in a cookbook I recently brought back from my mother's house - The Art of Preserving
I cut back the celery seed to 1/2 tsp. and added about a 1/2 cup more vinegar because the last time I made these, there was just barely enough liquid. Turns out I didn't have to add more. There was enough water from the cucumbers. They sealed up well and smelled very good. Another bonus was they took almost no time. Most was spent slicing the cucumbers and onions. Used the cucumbers from Langwater Farm but most came from our garden. I got 4 jars to add to the 3 done earlier this week. There's something I love about having a well stocked pantry of homemade goodies to enjoy through the winter. Very comforting.
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