Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cafe salle pleyel hamburger - French Fridays w/ Dorie

This was awesome! Oh my, the tarragon and pickle flavors were amazing. So for those of you who are wondering just what's so special about a hamburger, this isn't just a hamburger. It's ground beef mixed with chopped tarragon, parsley, cornichons, capers, and tomatoes. Julia Child said to read the whole recipe before starting. I thought I had read it all the way through, but good thing I looked more carefully because I had it in my head that the tomato/pickle/herb mixture was a topping, not something that got mixed in! This did make for wet burgers and broke up a bit during the grilling, so maybe next time I'll do them in a frying pan, but not having to add extra oil or clean up the mess was well worth grilling.

The recipe called for oil packed sun-dried tomatoes. I didn't have those but I have a glut of fresh tomatoes and tossed a few in olive oil and roasted them. The burger is topped with an onion marmalade - chopped onions, butter, ground coriander, and water, cooked down until very soft, and shaved Parmesan.

I made the tomatoes and onion marmalade the day before, so the actual making of the meal wasn't long. It was fine for a weeknight. I also had our CSA pickup tonight and got a beautiful head of broccoli that Alan steamed along with new little potatoes from last week's share. The only downside was that our daughter wasn't home to enjoy it with us. She's spending the week at my sister's, so we will have to eat this Sunday too!

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