Friday, August 12, 2011

Salmon in a jar - French Fridays w/ Dorie

Rave reviews from everyone, finally! In fact, I was told that I have to make this again and often. This comes from my daughter, the sushi & lox lover. My husband, also a sushi lover, but not much of a lox fan, also thought this was wonderful.

So, I did happen to make alterations, but not many. The salmon itself I didn't feel comfortable with changing too much, not that I would know how to alter such a simple preparation - coat in salt & sugar, let cure overnight, then marinate in olive oil with aromatics and oil. Where I did stray was with the potatoes, and for two reasons, 1. I didn't have the time to cook them in order to ... 2. soak them in cups of oil. What I did instead was make a lovely potato salad with new potatoes from Langwater farm, green beans from our garden and the farm, beautiful mixed cherry tomatoes and spring onions, also from the farm. Rather than using vinegar, I added lemon juice, as mentioned in the serving suggestion, and a couple tablespoons of the salmon oil.

I can't think of anything I'd change, other than making more!

Marinating salmon

salmon, potato salad, rye bread

May skip out on next week's eggplant - we'll be on vacation, but I'll bring the recipe just in case. Could be fun to cook in a foreign kitchen.
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