Friday, August 05, 2011

simple slow-roasted tomatoes - French Fridays w/ Dorie

I've made similar tomatoes before from Vegetables by James Peterson. His recipe called for removing the seeds. This may be simple, but very time consuming. I'm glad Dorie's recipe didn't have that step and I don't feel that it should. One thing his did have was filling each little tomato half with a mix of garlic, herbs and olive oil. I think this may have worked out better for me because they were a little dried out. Closer to the sun-dried tomato than the confit. However, they were like candy and we finished them all. I put garlic cloves in and also halved some small potatoes to roast along with the tomatoes. I put these together in the morning, put them in the oven and set it to start at 3:30 PM so it would be finished for dinner at 6 PM. We sprinkled with rosemary and sel gris and lots of black pepper. I tossed some greens with balsamic and served with fresh mozzarella, bread and homemade pesto. It was a feast!
Mixed tomatoes from Langwater Farm
before roasting

after roasting

lovely Friday evening dinner

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