Monday, October 03, 2011

Cake Experiments

Tonight Shara and I baked our favorite chocolate layer cake. This was her first time cracking an egg and most of it got in the bowl. At the last minute I grabbed a bowl and said, "Wait! put it in this!" and the yolk and about 1/2 the white made it in. I was surprised the yolk remained intact since the shell was pretty much shmushed. But that was fine since the only reason we were adding another egg was because the first one looked too small and pale. During all the commotion with trying to find tasks to keep Shara busy and cleaning up the trail, I forgot the pinch of salt and adding some coffee in place of water. I still think it will taste fine because we're going to make this cake fit for Alan.

What would that entail? Bacon, lots of bacon. So, chocolate cake layered with salted buttermilk caramel & topped with candied bacon. The caramel is an adaptation from Bon Appetit. I'm going to replace the heavy cream and crème fraîche with buttermilk. I'll also make some caramel to mix with the bacon and lay out to harden. I think it would be neat to pulverize the caramelized bacon, but probably won't have time for that. I'll see.
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