Thursday, January 05, 2012

bubble-top brioche rolls - French Fridays w/ Dorie

I don't want to fill the post with yum, so I'll try not to say it too often. This was a great recipe; easy, tasted great, and could be prepared in stages without a ton of attention. Still, the long weekend was a perfect time to take on this task. I've also learned to read the recipes far in advance so I'm not rushing around on Thursday, making sure I have the ingredients, let alone the time in-between steps.

Monday, a holiday for all of us here, I started the dough. I used regular Cabot unsalted butter, not a European kind with a higher fat content. I'll have to try it some time with a European butter but I have so much left over from holiday baking I can't justify purchasing more right now.

The whole process was very simple. I made sure I followed the directions and didn't cut corners, as usual. The only thing I changed, and it didn't seem like much of a change, was to use all skim milk rather than 1/2 whole and 1/2 water. I used all the butter and white (!) flour, though there was some white whole wheat in the top of the flour container that got in it. I was hoping it was all the white wheat, but it wasn't. I'm also planning on making more of these to bring to a dinner party this weekend and will use all white flour for that too, but when I make these for just us, I'll experiment a little.

Here are the photos of the process.

yeast, proofing

very shaggy - before the eggs & butter were added

after the eggs, before the butter

finished dough, waiting to rise

portioned out rolls, waiting to rise

after the rise - not very high, but needed to get them in the
oven, so took a chance. Put some cinnamon-sugar on a few.

wow - they rose nicely in the oven!

This step I did a little differently. I had to work on Tuesday, so after going in the refrigerator overnight, I shaped the dough into the tins, covered with plastic, and left in the refrigerator for the day. My husband took them out when he got home, to give them the 1-2 hours to rise. We only were able to give them about 40 minutes. I thought I'd be clever and put them on the stove, with the oven on, to speed things up, but read Rosie Birnenbaum's advice to not get them anywhere too warm - all the butter, so took them off pretty quickly. They ended up being fine.

These were a huge hit and we're still eating them. To freshen them up, I put them in the oven for a few minutes and they're almost like the first night. The texture is like Challah, but the taste is much butterier. Fantastic!

I looked on the web to see what others had done and in another cookbook, Dorie has a plum tart with brioche base. I'll have to try something like that next time. Or chocolate rolls, or sticky buns, or....

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