Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flexibility - a necessary tool

When it comes to families and dinner planning, one must always be prepared for change. I suppose that goes for all food planning really - ingredients can be unavailable or spoil (!), or just not taste as good as hoped, and I wouldn't want to waste them on a "good" meal. Take today for example. We got out of church, ran home to grab snow pants, which were then forgotten on the back of the chair, stop for lunch on the way to the in-laws for a quick visit before going for a hike at a local Audubon site. On the way home, I ask each of the family if they are hungry. We had eaten lunch out and that always can lead to a question at dinnertime, plus we didn't leave for home until close to 5 PM. I had planned on making mushrooms stuffed with a creamy, cheesy, spinach filling, baked falafel (from the Bob's Red Mill site), and cheese (cheddar bacon spread) & crackers. Yes, picky, fun foods. However, Alan was still full from lunch and it was far too late to make the mushrooms or falafel in time for dinner. To the rescue was the frozen pizza I bought yesterday. I know, I rarely have processed foods in the house, but I couldn't resist. At Shaws they had 2 California Pizza Kitchen pizzas for $10 and you got a free container (can't say 1/2 gallon anymore - pout) of Edy's Ice Cream. How could I pass that up? And guess what? It was really good! Shara voted for the spinach, garlic & cheese pizza. We had that along with our leftover roasted broccoli from yesterday. I also had a salad and then we ate big squares of the rice crispy treats we made yesterday too. Great day!
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