Friday, May 18, 2012

double chocolate and banana tart - French Fridays w/ Dorie

Interesting that this week's choice just happens to be the same flavor combinations I'm using for cupcakes I'm bringing to Cupcake Camp Boston this coming week. Maybe not so interesting - because I keep wondering if I read the recipe first, then got the brilliant idea for the chocolate nutella cupcakes w/ banana buttercream or if the nutella tartine was the inspiration. Either way, the tart -

I made a chocolate crust and put it in a springform pan, since I didn't have a tart pan. The rest of the recipe seemed like it was going to be very complex but I was happily surprised that it was pretty simple. As usual, I didn't want to use heavy cream so went in search of a new substitute. This time I tried Almond Milk. It turned out to be a wonderful compromise. It added no sweetness and it was thicker than regular milk. As for the taste, I have to confess I forgot to try some, but my daughter did and she remarked it was like ice cream. Hmm, I'll have to give it a try soon. I also used up some semisweet chocolate chips I had around along with the 60% cocoa chips. Again, it was not very sweet at all, which is good when adding in the caramelized bananas. I was hoping the bananas would stay crispy, but they didn't. Maybe I didn't put in enough sugar? I'll have to see what happened with other FFWD people.

In the morning I finished the tart with the sliced bananas and apricot jam. I didn't bother straining the jam because it looked so nice and I love the taste of apricot, so more for me is better. I also didn't use lemon juice for the bananas. I found that a sprinkle of citric acid (sour salt) works just great and doesn't add any moisture. The nutella flavor didn't hold up though. I experienced this last weekend with my experimental cupcakes - I had added about 3/4 cup of nutella to the chocolate batter and the flavor disappeared. I thought this would be more pronounced since it was sitting right there, but it didn't. I'll have to try it again. What a hardship!

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