Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Corn Pancakes - French Fridays w/ Dorie

I decided to pretty much take the summer off from Dorie - the part about the deadline for posting and commitment to make the dish by Friday. Too much pressure and summer is hot enough already. So I am keeping up with the schedule and saw that Corn Pancakes were for last Friday. I actually made these on Friday but didn't take the time to post, so here it is now.

 The batter was very easy to make - just throw everything into a blender and mix it up. I don't own a regular blender, but the hand blender worked great. I also thought fresh corn would be good, seeing that it's practically in season, but Dorie called for a can and a can I've had in the cabinet for quite a long time.

I used my handy griddle and made quick work of the job - 2 batches. One I added ground pepper to, the other I kept plain. The pepper ones tasted much better and I also needed to add salt. I thought the canned corn would be salty enough, but it wasn't.

Served with a mish-mash of Italian style chicken sausages, sauteed swiss chard, and leftover penne w/ red peppers and  broccoli in spaghetti sauce.
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