Monday, October 29, 2012

Enjoying the Autumn Produce

We've been cooking fairly regularly around here. And the nice thing is my daughter has been helping too!
We made these thai tofu lettuce wraps and Shara crumbled the tofu and helped plate.
thai tofu lettuce wraps

We also made scallion pancakes. When I was picking up my CSA order, I was talking to Kelly, my Langwater friend, and she was planning on making them too and didn't even see the PIN I had found to the recipe on Serious Eats. Things are so coincidental, or maybe not... Either way, ours came out great, but we didn't eat until about 7 PM that night!
rolled out - before first fold

all ready to go

pan-fried goodies

shrimp w/ spinach & mushroom soy sauce, 
daikon, carrots & onions, scallion pancakes

I tried to fry these with a bit of oil, not too much. Next time I think I'll try doing these with some spray in my non-stick griddle, all at once. There should be enough flavor from the sesame oil in between the layers.

For a dinner party, I also used my CSA sugar pumpkin to make a version of "Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good" I used a ciabatta roll, about a 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk instead of cream, 4oz. light swiss, garlic, thyme, sage, nutmeg, and a chopped apple. I think that's it. It was very good and only a few Weight Watchers points for the cheese! I've followed the recipe before, just adding the bacon as Dorie suggests. In our house we say everything is better with bacon.

Last night, pre-Sandy, I sauteed chicken breasts, removed them, then added some Port to deglaze. Into the pan went a bunch of mushrooms - baby bellas, White Beech and portobellos. Sauteed a bit, then added some vegetable broth, thyme and Szechuan peppercorn salt, and the chicken. Yum!

Mixed mushrooms & chicken in Port sauce, roasted 
acorn squash, sweet potatoes, white 
potatoes & garlic w/ szechuan salt & pepper

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