Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bread for Dessert

This is part of a facebook conversation about good, chewy bread with a crunchy crust. If you know Iggy's, I think it's close to their french baguette.

  • Karen :Debbie, I have been making variations of this recipe almost daily for a couple of weeks:
    I have something amazing to share with you today! I mean, you’ve seen artisan bread before but you’ve probably never seen it as easily made as this! I’d say this is one part recipe, one part magic trick… it’s just incredible. You’ve gotta trust me.
  • Karen : Oops didn't mean to post yet... I have used 1/3 white whole wheat (King Arthur brand) and 2/3 white all purpose flour with good big holes. I usually use 1-2 tbsp of sweetener for the yeast to activate with, just my style. I have had excellent results using a baking stone, humid oven at 450, and long rise times. Just got 50 lbs artisan bread flour delivered - can't wait to try it!

Here's my reporting back:
Ok, the taste is great but the texture was just ok. Didn't get the big bubbles, but the three of us ate 1/2 of it already and this was after dinner. 

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