Friday, April 29, 2011

Bistrot paul bert pepper steak - french fridays w/dorie

First let me say that I don't love steak like I used to before I had my daughter. Second, the steak I got for this was a sirloin, since that was the only steak at the market. Third, my brandy selection was limited. I don't think this was a well thought out dinner. As usual, I was rushing and hadn't the time to stop for fillet. I couldn't believe they didn't have it at the place I stopped, purposely, since they normally have such beautiful meat, especially for being a fish market.

This was the best way to cook a steak. It really came out perfectly, browned and crisp on the outside, red on the inside. My daughter, a meat lover, couldn't get enough, even the pieces with the peppercorns!

I served it along side the braised fingerling potatoes in AMFF and streamed spinach. The potatoes were delicious!

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