Thursday, October 13, 2011

buckwheat blini with smoked salmon and crème fraîche - French Fridays w/ Dorie

My daughter has been asking me for quite a while when we can have the lox again. She's talking about the salmon in a jar we made last month. I thought the blini would be just the excuse to make the salmon again and it was. As usual, I took shortcuts, not out of laziness exactly, but more because of limited time. The salmon still turned out wonderfully. I coated it Tuesday night in the salt & sugar. It rested for the night and then in the morning I rinsed it and covered it with olive oil, peppercorns & coriander seed. I didn't have any onions (no onions in the house??!!) so didn't add any vegetables. In the morning is also when I mixed up the batter for the blini. I did cut the recipe in half because it seemed like an awful lot for just the three of us. I left it covered on the counter all day since it was a fairly cool day.

Wednesday after work I pick up the CSA order and this week we got daikon. Knowing we needed vegetables, I thought the daikon would lend the spiciness missing from the onions. I made daikon and carrot ribbons, mixed them with black pepper & lemon juice, and put them on top of mesclun. On the plate I added the sliced salmon and blini. I had my doubts that this would have enough taste and be satisfying, but it was really the salmon that brought it all together. I didn't have any creamy topping. It probably could have used it to round out the flavor, but we truly enjoyed the flavors and textures.

So the blini, which is the main focus of this meal, was very good. Again I didn't really do these properly because I didn't have the buckwheat flour and substituted whole wheat instead. These had great flavor and I will get the proper flour for the next time I make these. I may also make them as traditional pancakes because they were very flavorful, light and fluffy on the inside, and a bit crispy on the outside.

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