Friday, July 01, 2011

chunky beets and icy red onions - french fridays w/dorie

Well I'm not sure if anyone's posting this week, but I made the scheduled beets and we all really liked them. Another dish I was happy to make, since I could use some of my CSA booty. Earlier in the week I made Dorie's other beet salad, beets w/ honey lime dressing. That was more to my liking because the flavors were more intense. The next day the lime taste really came through. Back to the red onion salad, my onions weren't red until after them were tossed with the beets, however I'm not sure it really made a difference.

I'm curious to see how thinly others sliced their onions. I sliced them without reading clearly that they should be very thin, then I went back and tried to make them thinner after they had soaked for the day in the cold water in the fridge and they do get crispy - which made them rather difficult to slice and not break. I don't think any of it made a difference. The salad was very good and refreshing and basic. Another great weeknight, or any night, recipe.
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