Friday, September 30, 2011

deconstructed BLT and eggs - French Fridays w/Dorie

Bacon makes everything better. This seems to be the motto at our house and with good reason. We were lucky to have beautiful lettuce this week from the CSA and still had grape tomatoes from our garden. Arugula is available, but we prefer the milder lettuce. Maybe a combo of the two, but I only got the lettuce and opted for spinach over arugula this week. How much can we eat?! About a month ago, I slow-roasted/sun-dried a bunch of cherry tomatoes and used those for the first time with this salad. I chopped the tomatoes and fresh basil to add to the dressing. This was a nice, light dinner and also loved that it was quick to make. Alan opted out of the mayonnaise (and it wasn't homemade), but I put the dabs on the eggs and I thought it added a nice, rich flavor to the whole salad. Another recipe that will be made often and I wouldn't bother looking at the actual recipe. It's really just the idea that is needed.
croutons fried in bacon fat 
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