Thursday, September 01, 2011

French Fridays w/ Dorie - corn soup

As I read the recipe for this soup I wondered if Dorie was the person who made these flavor combinations so popular or if they've always been so popular. I've been making corn chowder with bacon for several years, often adding potatoes. I sometimes put in chicken or clams. I've never tried scallops (raw or cooked!).

I had shucked corn in the freezer from earlier this summer and thought this would be a great use. I also read the recipe a few times, but apparently skimmed it because I never noticed her saying to use the cobs to flavor the milk. Oh well, as you can see by the first picture, I got very clever, not wanting to create more dishes to wash, and put the milk in the bag of semi-frozen corn and then proceeded to microwave it up to temperature. She wanted boiling and then steep the cobs. I was lucky not to have a microwave full of corn scented milk, so I quit while I was ahead and settled for warm.

I actually sauteed the onion in the butter and watched it so it wouldn't color. I tend to brown because I'm off doing other tasks. But this time the onions were still white and then I added the other vegetables, though I didn't have celery. I made up for the celery by having a couple of small, and even one teenie, carrots from the garden. I can't believe the carrots grew and aren't bitter! I don't have to gush over nice brown and crispy bacon because we all know it's a most amazing addition to several of Dorie's recipes. In fact, until FFWD, I never cooked so much bacon. Now I'm quick to add it to a salad and was happy to have leftovers, for a salad. Was going to move ahead and to the deconstructed BLT, but then read the ingredients and have to wait. Anyway...

The scallops really took this from being a standard, but good, corn soup to a special meal, which, as most good meals do, required a glass of wine. I have a very good seafood truck that is on my way home from work and I think the woman's husband catches the fish in the morning. It's always super-fresh so I had no problem serving these raw. They certainly were like buttah!

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