Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A week of homemade goodness

awaiting a bake

french(ish) bread

Double Lentil Sausage Soup

Used Emeril's Jambalaya seasonings and added some shrimp to the beef kielbasa I had bought at the Easton Farmer's Market this past fall. It was excellent. Slow cooked it but again, didn't do it long enough. Ended up using the pressure cooker setting for 10 min after adding the brown rice. Then changed to browning and cooked the shrimp and spinach.
Valentine's Day Dinner (done Friday) - chicken w/ port, mushrooms, prosciutto, and spinach. Shara found she now loves roasted asparagus again.
Actual valentine's day dinner - made sweet potatoes into heart shapes. Served with burgers and steamed broccoli.
Sweet potatoes, mixed potatoes, and parsnips - roasted with just olive oil, salt & pepper. Set off the fire alarm but got them crispy!
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