Saturday, February 02, 2013

Recent Dinners

I lasted as long as I could and finally broke down last week and we got takeout - pizza, subs & wings. It was a busy weekend and it did make sense, but it would have been nice to be able to wait longer. The bad thing about takeout is I seem to loose control with all the yummy salt and fat, but I did extra exercising and don't think it caused too much damage. Then this week we went out for lunch at work and I got extra and more fat and carbs. This time it was Thai and that meant yummy rice. At least it was brown. But that doesn't mean I didn't make some good homemade meals too. Here are some I remembered to take pictures of.
Hummus was on sale and we've been enjoying it for many meals. The one on the left is a baked portobello with a little rosemary, sliced and put on a Joseph's Lavash with garlic lover's hummus and a little shredded light cheddar. It's then browned on a griddle until crispy. These were really yummy. The night before we had these with shredded BBQ Chicken breasts done in the slow cooker, a bit of the cheddar cheese and some jarred spiced peaches.
These are German Sour Cream Twists, made with a couple of church members and Shara. We had a lesson last Saturday and boy were they buttery, crispy goodies! Shara finished them last night, after we crisped them up in the toaster oven. We still have half the dough in the freezer.
These were from a PIN I found that appeared to be made for me. They're called Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes. They reminded me of Tostones as far as cooked, smashed and crisped. I made them with butternut squash as well as a couple of sweet potato pieces I had in the mix. The topping was a bit heavy on the Cumin. I love the idea of these and will try again but I think the pieces need to be bigger and maybe I'll try using maple sugar instead of the brown sugar.
This picture looks awful but the meal was very tasty. We tried farro and mixed it with steamed butternut squash and I had mine on a bed of spinach. This wasn't heavily spiced, but I added garlic to the farro as it cooked.
How can you go wrong with pizza? I had lost confidence in my homemade crust until we had friends over a couple of weekends ago and they all seemed to like it and Shara did as well. She is my biggest critic, but I passed the test and had to make it again. The one here is portobello, mozzarella and onion with a pesto drizzle. On each I put on a thin layer of tomato paste (we didn't have any tomato sauce or small enough cans of tomatoes in the house!) I think it's the best way to have the pizza and I'm reluctant to go back to tomato sauce.

This pizza is just a basic cheese with the pesto sauce and I may have added some artichoke hearts too. The past couple of weeks we mostly ate spinach, hummus, eggs, and pizza. I can't forget the lentil, barley, vegetable soup done in the slow cooker (it was ok, too tomatoey, but really easy.

So what's next?
Tomorrow will be another pizza - bbq chicken and we could easily turn it into buffalo. I'd like to make another batch of the banana chip muffins we can't seem to get enough of, something with butternut squash because we have 1/2 of one left, also have kale and broccoli we need to use. If it weren't for my addiction to cool whip, I don't think I'd have to go to the market this week, but until I find a substitute, I'm at it's mercy.
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